August 17, 2009

Hello friends,

Our new studio album, “Grandfather,” is now available to buy on iTunes. Follow this link ( to purchase it, and make sure you rate and review it as well. It is also up on and Rhapsody, and some physical copies will be available later this month to order online. Please support us by buying the album and telling as many people as you can about it! Here is the track listing:

  1. The Grammarian
  2. Sea Weed
  3. Ship Shape
  4. Muhammad
  5. False Teeth
  6. The Silk Road
  7. Reverend William Buckland
  8. Painted Face
  9. Just Be Glad That No One Saw You
  10. A Year in the Garden Shed


The album was recorded, mixed and mastered by our good friend Gregg Andrew Dellarocca in his basement studio. It features Gregg Andrew on percussion, keys and vocals, as well as Billy Duprey on vocals. We are very excited about the new album and we hope you are as well. Thank you friends.